If you sing, rap, or etc. We have just what you need. If you’re a professional artist looking to record a full length cd or if your new and just trying to test the waters by recording a demo we can definitely make you sound great. With our professional quality microphones and vocal processors you have the confidence to fulfill your dream! (contact for your price) 1-800-795-6802


If you recorded your own project at your studio and now you need to improve your sound to professional grade, were the ones to do it! We will take your audio quality to the next level with our mixing and mastering packages.(contact for your price) 1-800-795-6802


You may still have or be working with an audio cassette, lp record, dat tape or reel to reel. We can convert your old media to new by placing your audio on an compact disc. We can even place it on gold-plated audio disc that can have a shelf life for 300+ years. During this delicate process we clean alot of the scratches and pops that come with the old media and give the music a fresh new clean sound. (contact for your price)1-800-795-6802